Popularity of Facebook in the world

facebook-relsSocial network Facebook has become one of the world’s most popular Internet resources. However, users of a number of countries have not been particularly active on this site. Among these countries, Russia and Ukraine. According to their analysis, royal.pingdom.com, have carried out analysis of popularity of Facebook in 130 countries, in 13 of them, this social network is not yet won its audience and is just beginning to fight for the users.50% of Internet users in countries where the position of the social network of stability and confidence, registered and frequent Facebook. These countries, for example, include the United States, Britain and France. Based on the data, the network could get another 382 million users, had become more popular. China has blocked access to Facebook.In most countries, the popularity of this site take local counterparts. In Japan, competition is Maxi, in Brazil Orkut. China, which prohibited the use of Facebook, also has its own social network QQ. In Ukraine and Russia in the popular USA Network just two competitors. This “VKontakte” and “Classmates”, these are the resources in our countries take the lead.


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