Popularity of Facebook in the world

facebook-relsSocial network Facebook has become one of the world’s most popular Internet resources. However, users of a number of countries have not been particularly active on this site. Among these countries, Russia and Ukraine. According to their analysis, royal.pingdom.com, have carried out analysis of popularity of Facebook in 130 countries, in 13 of them, this social network is not yet won its audience and is just beginning to fight for the users.50% of Internet users in countries where the position of the social network of stability and confidence, registered and frequent Facebook. These countries, for example, include the United States, Britain and France. Based on the data, the network could get another 382 million users, had become more popular. China has blocked access to Facebook.In most countries, the popularity of this site take local counterparts. In Japan, competition is Maxi, in Brazil Orkut. China, which prohibited the use of Facebook, also has its own social network QQ. In Ukraine and Russia in the popular USA Network just two competitors. This “VKontakte” and “Classmates”, these are the resources in our countries take the lead.


In Twitter add photo filters

According to the latest trends in the world of social networking, digital communication between people goes out of the text in the direction of visual expression. Previously we reinforce emotion smiles, but now can not do without internet memes, if we had used the social bookmarking, now attach the pins to the virtual board in Pinterest.

Here and in the change of status Facebook and tweets came a new player – the mobile application and social network for fans of pictures on the phone Instagram. Gradually taking away the audience of Twitter, Instagram makes jittery founder of the popular microblog.

Therefore, Twitter began to actively conquer the mobile niche, start the application for the iPhone and Android. In addition, on Twitter you can now use filters to images, like Instagram.

Twitter filters-580-75

Photo filters available to other startup Aviary, a company that provides an easy solution for image editing. Details of cooperation they covered in the blog.

The time for this innovation could not be suitable. Last week, Instagram started supporting Twitter Cards in your application. This means that users can use a simple URL to share your photo on Twitter. Additionally, the app Instagram is once again updated with new features and filters.



How to Make Money On Facebook

To cash in on Facebook first step that you need to do is create your own page on Facebook, in this case, to perform certain tasks on your profile page, you can create and use any number of applications that will allow you to cash in on Facebook.

Social network Facebook does not limit users to earn money from their pages on Facebook. And here I have already told you that the pages, you can have several. Many people can see your link to the site, and you can also link to other sites outside of Facebook.

The second step, earnings on Facebook is you can create a new application. People are constantly creating new applications, all of which are used by many other users. Creating pages, think, and what specific needs you have and outcome with this position. Try to address them to their specific needs.

In part, this is what will help you make more money from Facebook, if you prove yourself, before starting work on the site.

The third step of how to make money on Facebook is what you need to decide what you want to do, and what you want to achieve. If you already have a work site, you can link your page with your website. How do you read a step by step explanation here. This will give you the opportunity not to work continuously over the appearance of your page Facebook. You only need to write articles on the site, and they are automatically published on your page in Facebook. And you get a page in the same way that your site.

Fourth, it is how you can give your links, or links to other websites outside of Facebook? Many people put affiliate links on their actual page Facebook. For example, it will be good if you make reference to the range of products on your page ClickBank Facebook.

Step Five. As long as you do not go out in a strong position, pay special attention to personal brand and appearance. You can experiment with the proposals, and with all the benefits of Facebook. (A lot of them really)

The sixth step is to take the time out to build a good and a great network of friends. You should make sure that you have become known in a particular niche, and that you have proven to be an expert in your particular field.

The seventh step is to extract from the rules, then what you should strive to do, and if you do, make money on Facebook, you will not be difficult.

What a lot of people you can make friends and add them to your network, the more money you can earn.
However, make no mistake.
Invited people to your friends, go first to his page and see who you want to send your request. Since you are building your audience.
Remember the first people, and the money will follow later naturally. It’s like in real life, only in a different medium, the same communication skills and principles, though.
You have to always look and feel real, not pretend to be someone else, who you are not. People are now very good feel and distinguish false, and now, more than ever.

At the end of his post I want to wish you all sincerity. Continued use of the incremental FACEBOOK best and how to make a Facebook, it should.


Even Bad Reviews on the Web Can Help Your Business

Business owners know that following up after a sale to make sure customers are satisfied can be a useful strategy. But Matt McCormick, owner of JCD Repair, a five-year-old iPhone, iPad and Android repair business based in Chicago (with additional locations in Seattle and Madison, Wis.) took the strategy a step further. Mr. McCormick, a former Microsoft programmer, discovered that using social media as a follow-up tool helped him generate more business.

Whenever JCD Repair makes a sale, Mr. McCormick said, the shop obtains a customer’s e-mail address so it can send a paperless receipt. “We also tell them at that time they’ll get one more e-mail from us in two weeks to make sure everything is O.K.,” he said. “It’s important to get permission before sending people e-mails. Then, in two weeks, they get a slightly customized but automated e-mail, so there’s no extra effort on our part.”

The e-mail reminds a customer of the company’s 90-day warranty, asks if everything is O.K., and then asks for a review of JCD Repair’s service. “Depending on their e-mail address, we provide them with a link to either Google Plus Local, Yelp or Facebook,” Mr. McCormick said. “We then use these sites on our own Web sites to help show people how awesome we are. It’s really amazing how many people click those links and write reviews.”

He cites examples. Recently, in Seattle, JCD Repair had 97 live reviews on Yelp with an additional 68 filtered out because people joined the site just to write the review. The Chicago store has about 50 live reviews. Many of these, for both locations, are five-star reviews. On Facebook, the company has more than 800 likes and hundreds of positive comments about its service. “This gives us great credibility with other local customers,” Mr. McCormick said.

Ellen Malloy, a popular restaurant blogger in Chicago, even wrote a blog post after her iPhone was fixed by Mr. McCormick’s business. She was so impressed with the follow-up process that she suggested that her readers in the local restaurant community adopt the same strategy with customers.

There are other benefits. Knowing that you are going to follow up in this manner changes the way you deal with customers because you know they might be writing reviews about you. This, Mr. McCormick said, leads to better service at the initial sale. It also gives you the chance to turn annoyed or unsatisfied customers into happy customers. A customer who was not totally happy with your service will let you know by replying to your follow-up e-mail. If you deal with problems swiftly and set things right, people are impressed.

Ultimately, Mr. McCormick said, the strategy has helped increase sales. For one thing, he said, “it has helped us rank higher on Google — both organic and local results. Having customers write reviews of your business on Google’s own site gives you a boost. We recently had a problem with our Google Plus Local listing, and our sales have dropped about 25 percent. So that shows that getting those high rankings represents at least a 25 percent increase in sales.” (The problem resulted from the business’s name change from Jet City Devices to JCD Repair.)

Mr. McCormick said that some 10 to 15 percent of his customers mention having read the shop’s reviews. And he believes that even the bad reviews can be useful. “Someone could make an argument that if you have an unhappy customer, it would be bad to do what we do — point them at review sites,” he said. “But in all honesty, a bad review here and there not only helps you look more credible, it can also give you very valuable feedback on what you’re doing wrong. Lastly, it also gives you a chance to set the situation right with the customer.”

Signed on to Twitter and got an apartment!

Margaret Natalie Valdivieso, 19-year-old resident of Venezuela, has three million subscriber Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to “Twitter” and receive a gift from the president. In the near future, Chavez will present the keys to the new girl at home in her native island of Margarita.

Economy on fear

The largest companies will be more modest in marketing expenditure because of amplifying fears of repeated recession in the USA, world advertising agencies expect.

Though the media companies last weeks tried to keep optimism, the heads of advertising agencies interrogated last week Advertising Week, recognized that their clients the next months, most likely, will withdraw budgets, writes Financial Times. «Delay of restoration of economy in emerging markets together with accruing fear of repeated recession have led to that some advertisers didn’t begin to increase expenses in the end of the year as it was planned earlier», — it is told in the report of agency ZenithOptimedia which has lowered recently the forecast on growth of the market of advertising in the world.

Now agencies and their clients reconsider efficiency of various media — television, outdoor advertising, printing mass-media, the Internet and their combination. «As money becomes less, we once again will analysis, which advertising campaigns lead to growth of sales, — David Sejbl, the chief executive of New York agency Young and Rubicam speaks. — especially attentively we investigate expenses on Internet advancement». Heads of agencies and advertising departments say that what offer interaction with clients, instead of simply wide coverage search among Internet campaigns. The most popular decision for such campaigns name Facebook.But pessimism of advertising groups is constrained by two actions of the next year because of which advertisers can’t so strongly to reduce the budgets in media. Budgets of the largest advertisers will be involved with the summer Olympic Games in London. And elections in the USA (it is the largest advertising market in the world) will fill with “political” money regional TV channels, outdoor advertising and printing mass-media.

The situation hardly can be compared to crisis 2008 or 2009, Michael Roz, the executive president of advertising group Inter public Group speaks: «clients have money, and they have an access to credits. It is a question of confidence of the future».

Make Money on Youtube

I hasten to share good news. I think, more than once heard about a make money on site and that correctly developing the site (blog) it is possible to create an additional source of the income which will receive even then when you sleep, have a rest or go for a drive on a bicycle. Anybody wouldn’t refuse such money.

And here now i  made money on video rollers on youtube. How? Very simply.


A couple of days ago received the letter from youtube with the offer to earn on advertising. I wouldn’t tell that my channel is strongly untwisted, but works is done much.
Probably, you have a question how all this monetization works? Same a way, as well as text advertising Adsense on your site.

After has received the offer to earn for advertising display on my rollers, I had to make some simple steps:

1. To read rules of a monetization of video rollers, basically about what videos can be used for advertising display and what aren’t present.
2. To agree with all rules, including the author’s.
3. To adhere the Adsense an account.

Hasn’t passed also day when moderators have confirmed my channel, as a platform for advertising display. Then only it is necessary to choose video on which I allow to show advertising that I and have made. However, not on all video has resolved advertising display, some my videos of rollers have more important problem.


Celebrities leave social networks !!!

   Celebrities leave social networks for the sake of charity

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 The American celebrities Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Kim Kardashjan, Jennifer Hudson, Ryan Seacrest, Elijah Wood, Serena Williams and Swizz Beatz will suspend on December, 1st action of the accounts in micro-blogs Twitter and social networks Facebook and MySpace within the limits of campaign for fund raising on treatment of children sick of AIDS.

  As the organizer of the action «Digital Life Sacrifice» the American singer Alicia Keys has acted, founder «Keep a Child Alive» . Participants of the action also have decided to be photographed in coffins — in such a way they declare that their online lives the end has come.

  Actually, stars of the American show business don’t leave online forever. As soon as in welfare fund 1 million dollars will arrive, celebrities will return to virtual life. Whether From fund of Leigh Blake it is assured that one only fans of the Lady Gaga are capable to type demanded quantity of money — on its micro-blog in «twitter» the greatest quantity the person — 7 million users is signed.

How Social Media Marketing Can Help You ?

Piece very popular recently under the name social marketing doesn’t give rest to many managers and heads of the companies. Temptation to make an advertising course in the social networks occupied in millions of users it is very high, but how it works and whether it is necessary to do it?

And so let’s understand, what there are social networks? Social networks it is millions people which in this network are, communicate with the environment, discuss certain events or things. As that the association develops with a congestion of huge weight of people in what expectation or mass action when it yet hasn’t begun and here people stand in small groups and communicate about that about this. Here that that like it also is a social network.

second it is necessary to be such sociable person with whom it is easy to enter dialogue and to join discussion. Well and in the third it is necessary to communicate and in informal conditions to scorch themes, to say that is admissible from an official tribune when it would not be told. For this purpose the people round you also gather, instead of a beret of the newspaper with official statements etc.

And so, with crowd about all it is clear. Now we will transfer it on social network. And so – people with which are necessary it is necessary to begin dialogue. It is necessary to create group and to involve in it active visitors of a site and to provoke conversation. I will notice – conversation, instead of the report. Official reports at any moment can look at all on an official site. Here themes which have no official character are necessary, and are shown to simple discussion of events occurring on a site or in the company. On the other hand such events should occur that would be what to discuss.

And so where to take these first acquaintances with whom to begin discussion? It is quite logical that such acquaintances of your site are its regular customers, that is a site kernel. These visitors also should be invited in the group to start dialogue. It becomes by SMO – optimization of a site for social networks. How it? Yes very easily is in the simplified kind various buttons, having clicked on which person there and then gets to your group and can discuss that or. Better to say references to group.

Well, the group has appeared, conversation has begun. Further already all depends on that on how many you the good interlocutor. Depends on lifted themes and questions in group, from that what news you scorch earlier than it has appeared on a site etc. in general if there will be an interest at users they will start to enter your group – the blessing for this purpose both itself social network will try also your members of group will call in it acquaintances etc. Group will grow.

So and where advertising? And advertising as a matter of fact it also is group. The group name, a group site, the group maintenance. Direct sales here can’t be made probably, but it is possible to discuss novelties with the reference to the Internet shop where it can be bought. And it already will be a feather a direction of loyal buyers to cash desk 🙂

BUT! Here it is necessary to mean what to achieve such iridescent prospect very much not easily. It is not easy to find such person (journalist) who skillfully would write and communicated with the people in the necessary channel. And one more trouble is a negative. So entering into crowd of people you them are surrounded and if you are not pleasant to crowd, can and beat painfully. As and in social networks. Not all clients such angels also will infinitely admire your goods or service, even if it the best. There will be dissatisfied. And they will pour a negative into your group. moderation and the qualification here are useless it it is inefficient, it will lead to revolution 🙂 It is necessary to direct even more skillfully this negative to the necessary channel and to transform into a positive. For example, to recognize some inconveniences and to speak, what yes now we know that it isn’t pleasant to you and will solve this problem. Such negative turns to a positive in the opinion of a captive audience, but it is all very thin matter and without being assured that you can operate “crowd” better it not to collect in one place round itself…